About the App

Hello Syracuse! is a community engagement tool that communicates time-sensitive information to residents — as public safety notices in the event of violent crimes and as announcements of community events and activities happening in Syracuse neighborhoods. Through the app, the City can proactively communicate with residents and promote awareness of community resources, all while contributing to grassroots efforts to reduce violence.

Aside from notifications, the main feature of the app is a bucket list style experience that engages community members in local events and activities. Participants upload photos through the app to complete activities, earning a spot on the leaderboard along the way.

Other features of the app include an events calendar, social media feed, and a directory of city and community resources available to residents. Hello Syracuse! is managed by Syracuse’s Trauma Response Team (TRT). TRT worked with the local Syracuse company Zivics to design and build the app and curate content for the app through community workshops with Syracuse residents.


About Trauma Response Team

Trauma Response Team (TRT) is a locally designed initiative funded by the City of Syracuse since 2010. TRT responds to violent incidents, concentrating on homicides and shootings that involve life-threatening injuries. They offer on-site support at crime scenes and SUNY Upstate’s emergency room, serving as intermediaries between aggrieved families of victims, community members, hospital staff and law enforcement in the chaotic atmosphere often created after a traumatic event. TRT gauges the “violence pulse” at the community level to identify potential issues that could incite violence or retaliation related to specific violent incidents.

About Zivics

Formed in 2018 with the mission to change the fabric of civic discourse and community interaction, Zivics engages citizens through direct communication of time-sensitive information and a gamified, activity-driven experience of civic participation. Its community engagement platform aims to break down invisible barriers and favorably alter the dynamic between residents and their protectors and servants.