Startup in Residence

Startup in Residence is a program that connects governments with startups to solve government-led civic challenges. As a government partner in the 2018-2019 STiR cohort, the City of Syracuse has identified three different City challenges that we have three different start-up companies helping us to solve.

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STiR Projects

When a trauma is called-in to 911, dispatchers deploy not only EMS, but also the Trauma Response Team (TRT), which works as a moderator between civilians and police. Currently, TRT uses primarily word of mouth or social media to alert the public to events and tell them where they can go for help.

Hello Syracuse! is a program and mobile app by Zivics that was designed with community engagement in mind. Through the app you can explore the City of Syracuse’s communities through the various events and activities listed in the app and by enabling push notifications you will receive public safety alerts and get up-to-date information on public safety alerts, events, activities, and challenges happening near you.

Permitting and Licensing

Over 1,600 electric and HVAC permits are filed with the City of Syracuse each year.  On average it takes at least 15 minutes of staff time to complete each permit application.  This means that over 400 hours of staff time are spent on these each year. This is astounding because these permits require limited staff review.

We partnered with Camino to develop a permit approval and contractor license platform. This program is expected to launch in July 2019.


Many Syracuse residents experience a high frequency of forced moves, triggered by poor housing quality, unstable neighborhood conditions, and high costs of housing in relation to income.

We partnered with Vite Labs to develop a peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform to connect low-income renters to funding for emergency housing needs. These funds could include money to cover rent, utilities, security deposits, or other moving costs. As part of this project, donors receive “syracoins” which act as coupons to exchange at local businesses. This program is expected to launch in the fall of 2019.

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