Permit Intake Form: Small but Mighty Change to Permit Plan Drop-Off

To innovate means to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products. The Office of Accountability, Performance, and Innovation (api) has been working with the Central Permit Office to do just that for the City’s Permitting Process, and we have won a small battle already!

Once upon a time, a customer could simply walk into the Central Permit Office, drop off their plans or papers, and then just walk away. This happened most frequently when the permit office staff was busy serving other customers and unable to track every paper left on the counter. It oftentimes resulted in confusion and sometimes even lost plans.

The api worked with the permit office staff to develop an intake form. This hot pink form requires individuals who are dropping off papers to provide a little information:

  • Their name

  • The project that is associated with the papers

  • Who the papers should be routed to

  • Who received the papers

Look for these new intake forms on the Central Permit Desk counter.

Look for these new intake forms on the Central Permit Desk counter.

This simple, easy, and bright form sticks right to the documents that are turned in. They can be found on the main Permit Desk counter. It has helped the Central Permit Office to save time, and lose fewer documents. It may seem small, but it has made a huge impact!