The Transformation Award

Recently, Bloomberg Philanthropies introduced someone new to the Government Innovation program, a transformer (that looks remarkably similar to Optimus Prime).  Each month, Bloomberg Philanthropies is planning to award one i-team a Transformation Award, and the trophy is this transformer.  It will travel around the world and reside in the i-team city that demonstrated the biggest commitment to bold change and innovation during the previous month.    
Syracuse was the first city to receive this award, and we felt honored to host the transformer during the month of February.  We recognize that this is an award of solidarity, that as a department, and as a city, our work is always stronger when we work together.  This award is representative of the collective efforts of all the City of Syracuse employees, stakeholders, and constituents who have taken the steps to improve our infrastructure and make our city more resilient.

The Adventures of ROD

In the spirit of community, we decided to take the transformer on a tour of Syracuse and show him around.  Since we were the first team to receive the transformer, we took the liberty of naming him Rod (short for robot on duty). We’ve documented Rod’s time in Syracuse.  Check it out below.