Civic Data Hackathon: Syracuse Roads Data Challenge Powered by AT&T

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a Civic Data Hackathon: Syracuse Roads Data Challenge powered by AT&T. The City is releasing data about its roads and potholes, and we’re asking you to look at the data, along with information from other government entities, and tell us what you find.

As a developer, designer, data analyst, or someone just interested in data and infrastructure, this is your opportunity to analyze data however you would like, visualize that data, build an app, or something else entirely. We want you to be creative, in hopes that you learn more about the City’s infrastructure, and maybe show or tell us something we did not already know.

The hackathon launches today, and all projects must be submitted by October 9. There are prizes available for the top three projects. We are thrilled to partner with Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies, and are thankful to AT&T for supporting this event. More details are available here.

Hack Upstate, a semi-annual hackathon in Central New York, is another opportunity to use this data. Hack Upstate takes place over the weekend of October 8-9. You can build a project that weekend using this data, and then can submit for an award with both Hack Upstate and this challenge.

For the past year, the Innovation Team has been studying how to improve infrastructure in the city, always using data to guide us. Now we want the community to help out as well.

The hackathon starts today. The data is here. We are excited to see what you build!