Potholes and More Potholes


The Department of Public Works has always been tasked with filling potholes. They fill them based on service requests from the community (you can make service requests at: cityline.syrgov.net), and independently when an employee sees one of the road. Previously, though, the potholes filled were logged on hundreds of sheets of paper, making it difficult to count and visualize where the potholes actually are.

Since April, GPS units on the pothole filling machines (called DuraPatchers) have started automatically logging where and when potholes are filled. The result is that we now know in just over a month, more than 3,600 potholes have been filled across the city. You can see the map above. There is more focus on the south side of the City because they are preparing streets to have other work done on them.

Seeing where potholes are filled, pairing it with forthcoming data from SQUID as well as other road ratings data the City collects should help to predict where and how many potholes will exist in forthcoming years. More to come on that soon.