TOP Pilot Expansion

This video was produced and edited by Jeffry Mateo.

About a year ago, we were in the middle of the Tenant-Owner-Proactive (TOP) Pilot for Code Enforcement. Two pilot inspectors were using a new set of tools and strategies in a small territory on the Northside of the City to better connect with residents and property owners, be more proactive in their work, and achieve better code compliance. The results at the end of the six week pilot were extraordinarily positive. Omar, one of our pilot inspectors, explains more about how the pilot has helped him below:

The strategies have been so successful that they will be expanded city-wide in early 2019. Each of 21 inspectors will have a “territory” - a small section of the city - that they are responsible for, have tablets and access to data to help them inspect proactively, and be attending community meetings to build relationships with residents and owners.